Frank J Antosz Jr, CPA is a full service tax and accounting firm located in Livonia, MI. He services individuals and small to medium sized businesses throughout Michigan. His firm is a Christian focused practice stressing honesty, integrity, and charity. Frank is active in the Christian (and secular) communities in and around Livonia.


A good accountant is about more than accounting, and

Frank Antosz Jr is a good accountant.


Frank has provided first rate accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses for more than 35 years. Frank has helped many of his clients set up the original books of entry, using either manual or computer systems. Helping new business entities set up their accounting systems, help in operational planning, and income tax planning. Frank gets a great amount of personal pleasure and satisfaction from helping businesses - from startup to profitable companies that provide jobs and goods to their respective areas. Startup pains need guidance and someone who is readily available and eager to help, and Frank has this mindset in operating his practice.


Frank has been dedicated to performing his accounting services using Christian principles of honesty, integrity, and hard work. His priority in his practices is his clients welfare from the very beginning of their business relationship. Whether you need help in managing your business, preparing needed tax returns, help in solving tax related problems, or other business areas; Frank is going to tell you what you need to know so you can do what is right.


Frank has been diligent in keeping up his continuing education. Unlike non-certified public accountants CPA's are required to take 40 or more hours a year of additional courses and seminars to stay current on the continually changing tax laws and economic activity.

Frank J Antosz Jr, CPA

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